A wise woman once told me, "its difficult to understand the value of discomfort if you do not stay with it and experience it. all you know is that you feel uncomfortable and you want it to go away. is there more to the discomfort than just wanting it to go away? what is it's purpose? is there something about suffering that creates a different dimension that you have to go through to understand it's value, and allow yourself to be with it long enough for the value of it to emerge?"​​​​​​​
My work is an ongoing exploration of the relationship between space and anxiety. Having always felt a forceful sense of discomfort, I want to 
understand it. 
Befriend it. 
Get to know it. 
Give room to it. 
I have used a lot of the space in my head in favor of anxiousness and often spend my time in resting places of dis-ease with bouts of ease. I want to visually navigate and understand what this is signalling for me to pay attention to.

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